Early Access to my next album for all Patrons!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm really excited to be able to tell you all that from today, all Patrons will have Early Access to to the album/Ep/Mini album that I am currently working on.

What does Early Access mean? Well in short you get to hear the rough mixes of the songs. With that in mind, A lot of the vocals on theses tracks are not the ones that will be on the full release. It also should be noted that arrangements and general mix levels etc are not how they will be on the finished works.

This is the first time I have ever let people in on this process and I really hope you enjoy it.

You will see that each track is Early Access 1.0 When I make a change to the track I will upload and replace the existing Early Access track and in most case add some notes as to what has been added/changed etc.

I hope you enjoy getting to hear the songs evolve right up to release!

Chat you soon, Padraig

To get early access to my next album become a patron here - www.patreon.com/padraigdigan

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